What is a /packaging page?

Most websites have a /about page like this one where visitors can find background about the person or business.

/packaging page lets visitors know how your company thinks about packaging, and what they should do with your packaging.

Why have a /packaging page?

Being responsible about packaging waste is an important issue to a growing number of people.

Every year, tens of millions of tons of packaging are being landfilled in the US alone. Non-renewable resources are being extracted at unprecedented rates and polluting our most beautiful natural habitats from our beaches to the top of our tallest mountains.

Consumers want to support companies that are making sustainable packaging a priority. Having a /packaging page helps people know you care.

How do we join?

It’s easy! Add a page to your site at domain.com/packaging. You can also redirect that URL to an existing page on your site.

When the URL is ready, submit your page here.

Slash Packaging is open source, so if you are comfortable with GitHub you can submit a pull request directly to the repo.

What should our page include?

Slash Packaging is about progress not perfection. It’s better to have something than nothing. Keep it simple at first, you can always improve your page over time. Consider including any or all of the following information:

How can I support Slash Packaging?

Slash Packaging is a free and open source project.

The best way to support Slash Packaging is to ask your favorite brands and businesses to join by sending them a message via email or social networks. If you work at a company that uses packaging, help create a page and submit it to the directory!

Can any company join?

Slash Packaging is only for businesses that sell packaged products. We do not accept submissions from packaging vendors.

Who is behind this?

Hi! I’m Stephan Ango. I’m the creator of Slash Packaging.