Slash Packaging

Hello? Yes, it’s Earth calling. Yeah, the planet. I’m calling to find out if I can get you to share your plan for sustainable packaging.

How? I’m glad you asked. Add a page on your website at /packaging that lets your customers know you’ve got a plan to take care of me. Trust me, they’ll be happy you do. And so will I.

Slash Packaging isn’t about perfection — it’s about progress. To join Slash Packaging, create a page on your website at /packaging.

Be transparent with your customers about how your company approaches packaging. Let people know about any or all of these tidbits:

Need inspiration? Explore brands in the directory or follow this guide.

When your page is ready, join the movement! Send your link, so it can be added to the directory.


Q: How much does it cost to join?
A: Nothing! It's completely free.

Q: Do I have to link back to
A: Nope. But it would be neat if you did!

Q: Is it okay if I redirect /packaging to an existing page on my website?
A: Yes!

Slash Packaging is a directory of brands that offer packaging transparency information at /packaging. Made by your friends at Lumi.