Slash Packaging

Hello? Yes, it’s Earth calling. Yeah, the planet. I’m calling to find out if I can get you to share your plan for sustainable packaging.

How? I’m glad you asked. Add a page on your website at /packaging that lets your customers know you’ve got a plan to take care of me. Trust me, they’ll be happy you do. And so will I.

How to join

To join Slash Packaging, add a page to your site at You can also redirect from that URL to an existing page on your site. When the URL is ready, submit your company here.

Why join?

Most websites have a /about page, by adding a /packaging page you become part of standardizing access to packaging information. Having a /packaging page also helps people know that you are thinking about the issue of packaging sustainability.

Learn more about why Slash Packaging exists

What your page should include

Slash Packaging is about progress not perfection. It's better to have something than nothing. Keep it simple at first, you can always improve your page over time.

Be open with your customers about how your company approaches packaging. Let people know about any or all of these tidbits:

  • How you've reduced packaging where you can
  • The priorities and thought process behind your packaging
  • Materials your packaging is made from
  • Disposal instructions for how to recycle, compost, or reuse your packaging
  • Certifications or standards that your packaging adheres to
  • Data about your progress so far
  • Problems you haven't figured out how to solve yet
  • Plans to improve your packaging in the future

Need inspiration? Explore brands in the directory or follow this guide.



Q: How much does it cost to join?
A: Nothing! It's completely free.

Q: Do I have to link back to
A: Nope. But it would be neat if you did!

Q: Is it okay if I redirect /packaging to an existing page on my website?
A: Yes!