2020 Gift Guide

This year, Earth Day marked its 50th anniversary. It inspired us to create Slash Packaging, a movement for brands committing to packaging sustainability.

For your holiday gifting, we curated 50 brands that joined the movement.

Slash Packaging is a project from your friends at Lumi. Want to join the movement? Learn more or follow us on Instagram.

Boll & Branch

Fair trade, luxury organic sheets, and comfy cotton bedding.
Recycled paper packaging that's curbside recyclable. Boll & Branch says their outer shippers are FSC certified.


Non-toxic, biodegradable, plant-based detergent pods. LUMI30 for 30% off. Expires 11/29/2020.
These biodegradable pods ship directly in a box that Dropps designed to double as storage. Instructions and warnings are printed right on the box, so there's no additional collateral or plastic.

East Fork

Contemporary ceramic dishware made in Asheville, North Carolina.
East Fork promises to ship their ceramics in a compact box, protected by a curbside recyclable combination of geami paper, corrugated, and paper tape.


Collaborative, handmade books made with wooden covers. HOLIDAY2020 for 20% off. Expires 12/31/2020
Upcycled vintage scarves are used as gift wrapping. Fondfolio says they repurpose paper and wood scraps as padding and hangtags, and they would like to find a local box supplier.

Grove Collaborative

Natural home essentials, from trusted brands.
Grove has committed to offsetting carbon emissions of their shipments and neutralizing their plastic by diverting the same amount of plastic they use from the ocean. Their goal is to be plastic-free by 2025, with 1 million trees planted by 2022.


Scented candles made with coconut wax. KeapUp for 10% off a new subscription.
Keap encourages customers to reuse their glass candle vessels, or ship them back. Biodegradable, low-stick adhesives make labels easy to remove and compost. Candles are protected by mycelium (mushroom-based) foam.


Sleeping bag-inspired blankets made from recycled plastic bottles.
Rumpl has committed to offsetting its entire carbon footprint and donating 1% of their sales to environmental causes. To reduce plastic usage, they switched from poly mailers to boxes.

Sabai Design

Modular, easy-assembly furniture, made with materials that are natural, certified, or recycled.
Sabai Design says they ship plastic-free in 100% recycled boxes, with bags that can be reused as produce bags.


Groovy, vegan candles in evergreen scents, hand poured in Los Angeles.
Candles ship in mycelium foam inserts that are grown from mushrooms. According to Shrine, the inserts are home compostable and Cradle to Cradle certified.

Slow Made

Small-batch, vegan candles made with coconut wax.
Slow Made breaks down every element of their packaging, explaining why it's recyclable or compostable. They started a Pre-loved Jar recycling program to recycle used jars.


Just-add-water, concentrated cleaners.
Truman's chose to print product instructions on the box so that they can skip additional collateral. Their boxes are made from recycled content, and they're seeking FSC certification.


Tree-free, hypoallergenic toilet paper made from bamboo. HOLIDAYBUTT10 for 10% off. Expires 12/25/2020.
Bippy says they skip the plastic wrap by individually wrapping their toilet paper rolls in FSC-certified paper.

by Humankind

Refillable personal care, designed to eliminate single-use plastic.
Refillable containers ship in paper packaging that by Humankind states is made from 100% post-consumer with refills that are packed in a compostable kraft pouch.


Powerful natural skincare made from superfoods.
Cocokind sourced tubes made from sugarcane-based bioplastic. According to their blog, they're investigating ocean-waste plastic and refillable options.

Function of Beauty

Personalized hair, body, and skin care that is cruelty, paraben, and sulfate-free.
A modular, paper-based packaging system that's engineered for minimum void and claims a minimum of 30% post-consumer content. Function of Beauty is planning a switch to 100% post-consumer bottles in 2021.

Green Ablutions

Shampoo and conditioner bars that replace 3 bottles of liquid.
Green Ablutions says their shipments are plastic-free and as small as possible. Their boxes are made from recycled paper and printed with vegetable-based inks.

Leaf Shave

Long-lasting metal safety razor with a pivoting head. LEAFxLUMI for 10% off. Expires 12/31/2020.
Leaf Shave has committed to offsetting the carbon footprint of each shipment and designing a packaging system that's compact and plastic-free.

Luna Volta

Small batch hemp oil, sourced from small farms. LUMI20 for 20% off. Expires 12/31/2020.
Luna Volta is printing directly onto their bottles to use less packaging components. Carton boxes are made locally from a paper that's embedded with seeds, so it's plantable. The boxes are printed with soy ink.


Modern sex essentials that are simple and safe.
Maude says their boxes are made from 50-100% post-consumer content and they're investigating post-consumer alternatives for their plastic. Glass bottles and jars are reusable and endlessly recyclable.


Dermatologist-recommended skin care.
Neutrogena states that approximately 75% of their bottles are recyclable, with some made from 30% post-consumer plastic. Next year, they've committed to source more post-consumer materials, improve the recyclability of more packaging, and add the How2Recycle® label.

Noto Botanics

Versatile, nourishing, unisex cosmetics for everyone.
Noto Botanics' glass jars, boxes, and paper wrapping are curbside recyclable in most US cities.

OUI the People

Reusable, single-bladed razors and clean shaving essentials. OTPLUMI20 for 15% off. Expires 12/15/2020.
Unlike plastic razors, stainless steel razors meant to last for years hundreds. Oui the People designed their glass bottles to be refillable and reusable.

Playa Beauty

Natural, salon-worthy essentials for beachy hair.
Playa Beauty created a recycling program to recover their bottles for recycling.

Public Goods

Simple, healthy home and pantry goods.
Public Goods says they use packaging made from recycled paper where they can. They replaced traditional plastic for compostable plastic around liquid products.


CBD tinctures, sourced from Portland, Oregon.
After customers receive their first glass bottle, REMEDY says they ship tincture refills in bottles made from aluminum, which is endlessly recyclable.
Food and beverage

Bright Cellars

A monthly wine club that matches you with the perfect wine for your tastes.
All packaging is paper-based with compact inserts that Bright Cellars says will keep bottles safe while using a minimal amount of material.


Hypoallergenic dog treats with human-grade protein from cricket and spirulina.
On their way to zero-waste, Chippin has a goal of using 20% post-consumer materials until verified, food-safe biodegradable packaging is available.

Handsome Brook Farms

Pasture-raised eggs from chickens with room to roam on a GMO free pasture.
Handsome Brook chose egg cartons made from a mix of pulp and paperboard, that they say can be recycled, composted, or reused for planting seedlings.


Nutritious, plant-forward groceries with simple recipes. slash30 for 30% off $99+ and Free Brownie Batter for Life. Expires 1/31/2021.
To reduce shipping weight and emissions Hungryroot discovered they could separate shelf stable items and perishables. The box and insulation is curbside recyclable, and Hungryroot suggests discarding the biodegradable gel in your garden.

Misfits Market

Organic produce and pantry staples, fighting food waste.
Misfits Market chose corrugated and paper-based insulation to provide temperature control. Where necessary, they use compostable plastic produce bags, and they're investigating more sustainable insulation.

Splendid Spoon

Ready-to-eat, plant-based meals and smoothies.
Splendid Spoon reported an 80% reduction in carbon emissions. They state that their boxes, bottles, and bowls are all curbside recyclable.

The Farmer's Dog

Fresh, human-grade dog food. http://thefarmersdog.com/lumi for 50% off your first box.
The Farmer's Dog suggests using the box for a dog toy, and after that, recycling it. They show customers how to dissolve the insulating foam in water and explain that the reusable storage container is made of biodegradable and recyclable materials.

The Spice House

Exquisite herbs, spices, and proprietary blends.
According to The Spice House, the flatpack spice refills weigh less than 33% less than a new jar. They say that they chose to ship their glass jars in sturdy corrugated inserts, so they could eliminate the need for plastic or excess void fill.


Coffee subscription featuring high-quality, single-origin beans.
When YES PLZ switched from boxes to kraft mailers, they said that they reduced material usage and shipping volume. Next year they plan to swap HDPE plastic coffee bags for a new plant-based alternative.


Amour Vert

Women's apparel made in limited quantities from carefully sourced raw materials.
By using compostable plastic bags, Amour Vert reported over 56k plastic bags diverted from landfills. They say their boxes are made from recycled materials and printed with soy-based inks.


Gender neutral basics, responsibly made in Los Angeles from 100% recycled, biodegradable cotton.
EVERYBODY.WORLD chose recycled boxes and poly mailers transport their recycled clothes. They added a second adhesive strip to shipping bags for reuse, and use fabric scraps to wrap gift orders.


Made-to-order wedding rings crafted from recycled metals and lab-grown diamonds. LUMI25 for $25 off. Expires 1/1/2021
Holden reported a minimum of 50% recycled content in their boxes, which are sealed with paper packing tape that's backed with a biodegradable adhesive. Cornstarch packing peanuts can be composted or dissolved in water.

Proper Cloth

Made-to-order, custom tailored dress shirts.
Proper Cloth started by reducing their packaging sizes, and the next goal is to remove all remaining plastic elements or replace them with a compostable alternative or paper.


Men’s fitness apparel, engineered for comfort and endurance.
Rhone describes their packaging strategy as one of component reduction. They say they're working on a compostable alternative to poly bags and compostable shipping labels.


Comfortable shoes made from recycled and bio-based materials.
Rothy's says they rely on high percentages of recycled content and chose a box strong enough that they wouldn't need an additional shoe box. They have committed to offsetting emissions for every transit mile with Carbon Fund.


Capsule apparel made from Italian cashmere and organic materials. HOLIDAY2020 for 20% off. Expires 1/31/2021.
Santicler has committed to using compostable bio-based plastics for their bags, and eliminating hang tags to cut down on waste.


Vintage-inspired, thoughtfully designed helmets.
Thousand says its reducing packaging materials and components by designed their boxes to work for retail and ecommerce. They've committed to offsetting 110% of their carbon emissions through Climate Positive.


Refillable toothpaste bits and floss made with clean ingredients.
Shipping toothpaste bit refills uses much less packaging than shipping a new jar each time. Besides the jars, Bite says their packaging is compostable or curbside recyclable.

Boie USA

Recyclable toothbrushes and loofahs made from antimicrobial, BPA-free thermoplastic.
Boie promises to take back your old products and recycle them into something new. They're minimizing transit emissions by working with US-based manufacturers.


Personalized daily vitamin packs, tailored to you.
Vitamin sachets are made of a compostable plant-based film, and compostable alternatives to other product sachets are in the works. Paper boxes and plastic tubs are recyclable.


Minimal, electric toothbrush designed by dentists.
Quip refills cut down on the plastic it takes to create an entirely new toothbrush. They state that they're shipping replacement heads in recyclable paper trays.


Daily multivitamins with key nutrients.
Ritual cites that 85% of their packaging is made from recycled content, and their goal is to reach 100%. They have committed to offset emissions from each shipment.


Clinically studied, daily probiotics. LUMI20 for 20% off the first month of Daily Synbiotic subscription. Expires 12/25/2020.
According to Seed, the glass components of their refillable system ship in a paper-based foam which is home compostable. Refills are packed in compostable film and insulated with plant-based foam that dissolves in water.

Slash Packaging is a project from your friends at Lumi. Want join the movement? Learn more or follow us on Instagram.